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Rap Genius Gets Back In Google’s Good Graces?

Is Rap Genius back in Google’s good graces? As we have reported earlier, Rap Genius was involved in a very shady link building program. It dubbed this program as “affiliate” program, however, upon inspection by anyone with more than two brain cells, this link building scheme hardly qualifies as a classic affiliate program. The scheme was actually quite ingenious. Rap Genius has a lot of Twitter followers. It is quite influential and it has so many users. Thanks to its previously good Google sales ranking. What Rap Genius did through its “affiliate” program is that it would trade favorable promotion through Twitter tweets to any musical app or blog or website that would link to Rap Genius.

In other words, to put it in plain English, we have Rap Genius trading social media action for SEO backlink building action. This is very bad in the eyes of Google. It can’t get any more unnatural than this. As you can well imagine, this system was bound to have a bad ending and this is precisely what happened when Google caught wind of Rap Genius shenanigans and basically, eliminated Rap Genius from its search listings.

Well, the good news is Rap Genius is back in Google’s good graces. The hip hop and rap lyrics website is now showing up in search results. What happened? First of all, Rap Genius pretty much have to say sorry to Google and make amends. What does this mean? At the very least, it means disavowing all natural links. In more particular terms, it means employing a piece of software that would look for the WHO IS information of websites that have natural links to Rap Genius and most embarrassing part of all these, is that Rap Genius is now engaged in mass emailing all the people it emailed in the past as part of its affiliate program asking those people (perhaps begging them) to get rid of those backlinks that they did at Rap Genius’ earlier requests (Talk about eating humble pie). Be that as it may, Google is serious about all natural links. If you’re thinking of engaging about such links exchange shenanigans, don’t think about it. Google really has released the ant when it comes to such artificial ways of increasing traffic from the search engine.

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