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Is The Nintendo Wii U Doomed?

Saying that WII U is doing great in the console industry against PS4 and xBox would be a great overstatement.

Saying that WII U is doing great in the console industry against PS4 and xBox would be a great overstatement.

The Nintendo Wii made a big splash when it launched several years back.The year 2006 was a very exciting year for Nintendo because it seems to have jumped out of nowhere with the Nintendo Wii. All of a sudden, people were buying virtual tennis, virtual running and exercise games for the highly interactive blue tooth enabled wireless technology that Nintendo Wii offered. A lot of people of course stopped playing their Wii after some time. After all, how many times can you play a virtual fishing game on your Wii? How many times can you pretend to be running on an imaginary track with your Wii? It might have been awesome the first few times but after a while it got old.

Also, what kept the Wii down was the fact that there weren’t really enough hardcore games for this platform. In the eyes of many people, its biggest value proposition was the fact that it allowed motion control so that the whole soul and identity of the game was motion control. Since the motion control games tended to focus on kids and the casual gamer side of the market the Nintendo Wii found itself as an orphan. It costs millions of dollars to develop a game and a hardcore game makers developers of roleplaying games and first person shooters would have to invest millions of bucks just in the hope that people would play their game on the Wii platform so its kind of neither fish nor fowl and this was exactly the thin developer coverage that Nintendo was trying to fix by launching the Wii U successor to the Wii.

Well, while the Wii U sold 5 million units in its first year, it pretty much floundered after that. So far, by the end of the year 2016, a total number of Wii U unit in the world would be around 20 million. This is a serious problem because the Xbox 1 is laded to have sold 29 million units by that time. If that isn’t bad enough, the Sony PS4 would have sold 37.7 million by that time. Considering the huge gaps in these numbers, it doesn’t really make much sense for developers to take a gamble on the Wii U. I hate to say it because we like to believe that there’s a lot of space in the video game console industry for secondary and tertiary players but in this highly consolidated industry its fast shaping up to be a duopoly.

In other words, the video game console industry is fast shaping up to be a two man battle between Microsoft and Sony. Third players really don’t have enough marketing space to make much of dents. Why? It costs too much for developers to support those secondary and tertiary platforms. This is the hardest market reality that Sega and earlier video game consoles had to contend with. In fact the Nintendo consol had to contend with this reality as well. We suspect that if 2014 doesn’t deliver the final nails in the Wii U’s coffin, it may be 2015. Regardless unless Nintendo can turn its shape around very soon, the Nintendo Wii U experience is not going to end well.