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iOptik System Brings 3D Augmented Reality To Life

If you watched avatar or any recent 3D sci-fi movie, you probably have been bowled over by the amazing graphics technology such movies have. We’re talking about a monitor that appears in 3D so instead of like looking at a screen, you actually get to see 3D interaction from a computer. A lot of people are thinking that this is something that would probably be a commercial reality maybe hundreds of years from now, but thanks to the wearable wireless revolution happening spearheaded by smart watches and Google glass, the year of a truly 3D presentations might be here.

In fact, at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, one company, Innovega, is betting the farm on contact lens the interface with the glasses will bring this display technology into reality. What makes this technology exciting is that the contact lens produces a very immediate image with the use of HD glasses. Images are actually projected right into your eye. Of course, this is also quite a scary technology because we are after all, playing with one of the most sensitive areas of our bodies which is our retina and our pupils. If anything goes wrong with regards to light intensity, or even the construction of the contact lens, we may possibly be dealing with a possible damage to our eyes.

Be that as it may, this Innovega deserves some praise for really taking display technology to a whole new other level (talk about really pushing the envelope). Of course, this is just a great first start. Let’s hope that this technology evolves where it allows for less contact to the eyes but still produces the same vivid graphic displays. Be that as it may, Innovega will be at CES showing off this technology. We are not exactly at the stage where we can see 3D displays with our bare eyes and that doesn’t use mist or any sort of gimmick. Be that as it may, this is quite an exciting turn of events.