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The Compelling Story Behind The Rumored iPad Pro

Among hardware suppliers, there is a rumor regarding a hybrid between the iPad tablet and the MacBook Air. A lot of people might be scratching their head about this because these are two distinct markets, after all. At least, currently, the market is segmented with tablet on the one hand and laptops and desktops on the other. If you’re looking for some heavy duty processing you’d lean to the laptop or desktop. If you want more mobile experience and some just light duty and cloud heavy functionality, you use a tablet.

Well, it looks, according to some rumors among hardware vendors, this Apple might be blurring the lines that Intel and other hardware manufacturers would like to set in stone. Why is this a big deal? Well, the main reason why tablets are so popular is because they can run on cheaper devices. Why? The processors used for these devices don’t have to be as sophisticated as notebook devices. Instead of number crunching processors like Intel, you could use the A8 processor chip produced by ARM. The tablet can do this because, while the processing is in a low power, the apps actually have lower power, they don’t take up as much processing power of the tablet but the tablet offloads all the processing to the cloud so in a very sneaky way, tablets do or run around on traditional computing because in traditional computing, your laptop has to have a processor powerful enough to run the local software. Everything is on yours computer so you have to have a very beefy local processor.

With a tablet, the app is very light and the processor is quite light as well. A lot of the heavy lifting is done through the internet through the cloud. Well, Intel would like that clear separation between tablet and notebook. This is for good reason, after all, Intel is the 800-pound gorilla when it comes to hardware for the notebook and desktop markets. It sees the rising tablet market as a threat. Well, it looks like if all these hardware supply chain shutter above the iPad Pro turns out to be real, Intel might have a lot of loose slip about. If the iPad Pro turns out to be real then we’re looking at a powerful A8 powered tablets doing more and more of the things the people use to do with notebooks. Talk about bad news for Intel, I’m sure Intel has some tricks up with sleeves and probably not sleeping on the job. Still, this is quite worrying specially if you own a stock in Intel corporation.