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Sometimes It Doesn’t Pay To Be A Popular Livestream Gamer

Haters gonna hate. This is not an internet meme, this is a solid online reality. It seems that if anybody achieves some level of success, somebody somewhere somehow feels envious and personally devastated enough to try to harm the success of person. It is a sad commentary on the world we’re living where people constantly compare themselves to others and can’t seem to be happy for the success of other people. If you think this is a description of teenage girls hating on each other or a pre few pleasant guys comparing their digital penises online, you’re sadly mistaken. This happens all the time. if you look at news and opinion websites and look at the comment, this plays out. If you look at the video games, if you look at financial channels, this plays out. If you look at Facebook where people are showing out their new cars and new houses, this plays out. Lets face it friends, hate is everywhere.

Sadly, it has infiltrated the awesome online gaming worlds of Dota2 and League of Legends. If you’re serious gamers, you’ll know that league of Legends and Dota are very popular games and one highrly popular game live streamer using the twitch stream is user name phantomlord and phantomlord regularly gets 118, 000 viewers and just like any popular person online, he’s got haters. And sadly these haters unlike those whiny bitches you have to deal with on Facebook is actually taking action against him. What are they doing? They’re launching distributed denial of service on the servers where he is playing Dota2 and League of Legends. This is completely bad news, not only are they are trying to make phantomlord look like a fool by making his games inaccessible, they are also causing harm, to the other players on this server.

Distributed in a Denial Service Attack (DDOS) is one of the oldest tricks on the book if you want to attack a website online. What it does is that it uses zombie computers in the millions or hundreds of thousands to all make the same request at the same time. As like any web server, if all these requests are made at the same time, the service will crash and that is exactly what happened in Dota2 and leakage of Legend servers serving up phantomlord’s games. Well, the good news is that he is back in business and more popular than ever. The take away from this news is that haters may try to get you down but if you keep persisting and just continue being yourself, haters will just have to live with the fact that you’re successful and they suck.