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New Startup Brings Call of Duty Technology to Paintball Games

Paintball games are a lot of fun. It’s all about sneaking up on the opposing team and just blasting them with paintballs. The traditional paintball game is all about stealth, quick movements and, of course, team coordination. With that said, the problem with your traditional run of the mill paintball game is that, it can get quite chaotic. Also, it’s very hard to keep track of all the action, especially, if you’re dealing with many teams and a dispersed team. This is why a lot of people who play paintball and online first person shooter games like Call of Duty wish there was a way to play live paintball games the way you would play Call of Duty.

Well, this may have been an old idea, but a new startup is trying to do exactly that. Using your smartphone, you can track the good guys and the bad guys. Just like the overhead display at Call of Duty and other first person shooter games. The startup is called Innovis Labs and it has launched crowd funding campaign at Indiegogo to raise money to build such a tracking app. The app is called Overwatch and the market is huge. How big is the market for this type of app? Possibly 25 million airsoft, laser tag and paintball aficionados from all over the world. Of course, the reality is, they probably just gonna hit a fraction of these people. But even at maybe one million installations at a dollar a pop, that’s still a lot of money specially for the first version of this app.

Anyways, Innovis Labs is quite interesting because it has all the hallmarks of your typical great technology startup story: A 17-year old CEO, a hot idea, lots of passionate global players and, of course, mobile app technology.

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