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Is CES Popularity A Kiss Of Death?

It’s that time of year again. That’s right, it’s CES. The Consumer Electronic Show is the biggest consumer electronics industry confab of the year. All the biggest manufacturers, all the important people in the consumer electronics wholesale, retail and distribution industry will be in Las Vegas rubbing shoulders. This is where all the latest consumer technologies will be trotted out by the top manufacturers as well as the lesser known manufacturers in China. This is where important contacts that can yield millions of dollars in business for the rest of the year will be made. Yes, CES is that important.

Not surprisingly many industry observers turn to what’s hot at CES as some sort of bell weather for what will be in in fashion for the industry for the rest of the year. Unfortunately, looking at CES this way doesn’t guarantee a slam dunk. Remember 3D TVs, they were very hot at CES. There were lots of rate reviews, there was a lot of media hoopla, there was a lot of buzz. 3D TV isn’t exactly as popular right now. Sure, there’s a lot of units for sale and there were a lot of units made but 3D TV was not exactly embraced by consumers with open arms. The same goes with ultra books. this Visa sup top notebooks and laptops were supposed to bring a new golden age in mobile computing. Look where that ended up? Exactly nowhere. While CES did accurately predict the hot market in tablets, often times, CES has been wrong. So as a place to consumer sentiments, CES may not be the placed.

Regardless, there is a lot of guarded optimism regarding wearable wireless technology. We are, of course, talking about smart watches. There’s a lot of smart watches on offer at CES. In fact, there are so many and there’s so much buzz that a lot of people are actually worrying out loud that CES might once again give a hot new technology its kiss of death and that technology will fail to catch on. For the record, we’re still kind of stumped as to what exact value a smart watch brings to the table because in terms of actual usefulness, smart phones and tablets have that sewn up. Maybe the truly hot wearable wireless technology would be Google glass but as we’ve mentioned earlier, we’ve serious reservations about Google glass’ $1000 price tag.

Be that as it may, let’s hope that CES doesn’t work its evil magic on smart watches because you never know, smart watch might lead to a technology that might actually be useful.