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CES Goes All In On Wearable Wireless

The problem with CES (Consumer Electronic Show) is that everybody hates boring stuff. That is CES’ greatest promise and also a greater problem. Let’s face it, TVs are boring whether they are 3D or not unless we are talking about the Apple TV or the Google TV, people wouldn’t really wanna hear about the greatest advancement in TV. In many people’s minds, it’s like you’re announcing some incremental advancement or some minor improvement. They don’t wanna hear it. People who follow CES are looking always for the next big thing. They are looking for trends. They’re looking for breakout technology. They’re looking for innovation that would open or pioneer a new segment in the electronics market place. As a result, CES tends to attract journalists and media attention with a particular bias. The bias is very simple, it’s the development and product trend that CES is sexy enough to generate a lot of attention in the media.

While this is positive for incoming technologies, it will also be the kiss of death. The hype potential is so big that if a particular piece of technology is not ready for prime time, the CES buzz might be the kiss of death and this is why a lot of people who are excited about wearable wireless technology, including us (ourselves included), are quite worried about CES this year. CES this year is all buzzing about wearable wireless technology. It’s the next big thing and the problem that we are afraid of is that CES might hype up wearable wireless so much that either expectation will be so high and so unrealistic that few devices will measure up or people will be so underwhelmed by the technology that wearable wireless is pretty much avoided as a commercial reality before it’s even born.

As we keep on writing in these pages, wearable wireless is, to our estimation, one of the biggest technology trends in this decade. It has the potential of truly delivering on the promise of mended reality cloud computing and big data. If you think Google earth is a major accomplishment, wait until you have millions of people walking around the world gathering information and beaming all these information up to a central location where it can be then be sorted, organized and processed through software. If you think you can manage and bend your own reality now by getting informed decisions from the internet as you try to manage your shopping options, wait until you see what creative minds can do with wearable wireless technology.