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Samsung Rolls Out New Platform For Smart Appliances

If you have looked at Samsung washing machines, Samsung TVs and other Samsung appliances lately, you’ve noticed that they have very fancy displays and it seems that they have a lot more electronics than before. While a lot of this is to streamline the operation of the particular device or appliance, a lot of these is also tied to the fact that Samsung has a long range vision for its appliances and electronic devices. That’s right, Samsung is looking to unify how these devices talk to each other and it looks like this vision of a smart phone has taken a bold new step with roll out of the Samsung smart home platform. The roll out will take place in this years CES convention in Las Vegas and it promises to be a doozy. Why? Imagine telling the platform that you are going out and having that platform turn off all your appliances after you leave the house. Imagine interacting with your smart watch to tell your remote home platform when you will be back home. Is this just a fad or some sort of a gimmick appliance? Probably not. First of all, it’s very practical. Electricity is not free in many parts of the world. The costs of electricity is constantly going up and having a unified system that allows you to effectively manage all the electronic devices appliances in your home from one central location can help you save both time and money in the form of your electricity bills.

The second reason why this technology might take off is the concept of this plan efficiency. As more and more people become busy, we have less and less time to really micromanage all our devices. Of course, the big downside to all this is, if one part of the system fails or if there’s a glitch with he platform, instead of saving money, you actually don’t save any money at all.

Worse, a lot of appliance also have built in sensors and cameras and who knows how sophisticated this will be in the near term future. The last thing we need is somebody to hack in through the platform. Instead of us using our appliances to make our lives better, we become a prisoner of our appliances. How? These appliances might be hacked in such a way that they spy on us (Scary stuff). Be that as it may, Samsung is definitely on the threshold for a truly electronic home.