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Apple Tightens the Screws on Samsung’s Legal Victory

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Apple makes a strategic legal move on the smartphone market.

As we have written earlier, Apple won its lawsuit against Samsung for patent infringement. In particular, it won based on several patents. Most notably, the ability for a user to zoom in on an object by pinching an image on a touch screen, another patent when involves tapping the screen to zoom and to navigate. Well, it looks like Apple is going to renew its motion to permanently enjoin Samsung from selling in the United States any products that have these features. You might be scratching your head beacause these features are included in Galaxy S2, well, we’re already in Galaxy S4 and these features are not included in that product. Why is Appple chasing ghosts? Is there more to this story? Of course, there is. It’s not so much that apple is looking for an injunction of the actual accused product because that’s already been cared of by the lawsuit. It’s looking to get an injunction for any product that is not anymore “colorably different” from an infringing product. In other words, it’s basically preventing Samsung from launching any future products in the United States that not only have this specific features but have features similar to it. This is a strategic move. Apple is not wasting its time or its money, this is a smart move. You have to remember, Samsung is beating the snot out of Apple in the smartphone market. Apple is still dominating in the tablet market but who knows how long that dominance will last. Its biggest headache is the Android system most notably on devices produced by Samsung. From a purely business perspective, this is a brilliant move. Its anyone’s guess if the court will grant Apples motion however.