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Netflix Axes Classics from its Streaming List

The video streaming service, Netflix, regularly delete or adds movies to its instant access list. When a movie is on Netflix’s instant access list, you can stream the movie to your TV through your internet connection. Well, some very big cinematic titles are going to be deleted from Netflix’s list. This is a big news because Netflix is a very convenient way of watching digital entertainment from the comfort of your home. The good news is that, this list changes fairly frequently. So while some movies that you may like a lot may be taken off, there will be new movies to replace it. Be that as it may, it does restrict your choice quite a bit because if you haven’t gotten a round to watch these movies, it will not be as convenient as before to wacth them. You may have to subscribe to a cable channel to get access to them or get their DVD. Here are just some of the big names that will be taken out of the instant streaming offerings of Netflix.

Top Gun
Mr. Bean
The Kids in the Hall
Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Alice in Wonderland 1951 version
The Rundown
Back to school
51st Dates
Mystery Man
Scary Movie
War Games
The Odd Couple 1968

Very interesting list. This is, of course, not the complete list. If you want to get the complete list of instant streaming titles that will get deleted from Netflix, just head on over to Reddit.