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IBM Launches its Tech Predictions for 2014 and Beyond

IBM is one of the biggest technology services companies in the world. IBM used to be the biggest maker of computers and big data crunching machines back in the day. Now it has successfully transformed itself into a massive global technology services and outsourcing company. In other words, it makes sense to listen to what IBM has to say regarding tech innovation for the next few years. In the next 5 years, IBM forecast several innovation trends. This trends all have a common denominator. The common denominator is machine learning. In other words, instead of people learning how to interact with machines so machines can do certain things, machines will learn from people. This is a very big technology innovation if it comes to pass. It will actually help boost the rate of innovation in the near future. Some of the big trends IBM is saying is that, in education, the classroom will learn from the students. Also, IBM forecast that buying locally will trump e-commerce sales. In terms of health, IBM sees that doctors will be learning more from the DNA of their patients to keep their patients well. In terms of online privacy, digital guardian system will help protect consumer’s information. And finally, your own city will learn from you so you can live in the city better. These are very interesting predictions and considering the rise of big data that can then be segmented and filtered to personal preferences, these are not farfetched. In fact, we have already covered several stories regarding personalized education and big data mining. All in all, it seems that IBM is right on the money. Its accuracy hinges on hardware innovation.