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Twitter’s Battle with Spam

If you think about it, you’re probably not going to make much money with Twitter if you just set up a twitter account and you just post links. In other words, you’re just spamming. You would be just be talking to avoid if you have no followers. You just basically wasting your time. You have this huge Twitter feed with all this links but nobody’s paying attention and nobody cares. It would be nice if Twitter spam was this way. Unfortunately, it isn’t this way. What Twitter doesn’t understand is that a lot of spammers find Twitter useful for two reasons.

Number one, the spammers can hi-jack Twitter trends and get their sex or dubious websites promoted that way. This is usually done through hashtags. Many social media observers look for hot trends in social media by paying attention to hashtags that are trending. Spammers figured out that this was going on, so, they would then set up their software to blast Twitter with certain hashtags and make it appear that a particular hashtag is trending. When in reality, it’s really just one computer sending out tons of garbage using different IP addresses and different accounts. That’s one way spammers are reducing the value of Twitter.
The other way is more insidious. Basically, it used to be that search engines ranked pages based on how many other pages linked to that particular page. As you can probably tell, this is easy to fake. All you need to do is set up all these websites and link them in such a way that they promote one website. So, Google incorporated other signals to ensure that the pages that it is ranking high actually deserved to be ranked high. In other words, Google is looking for other signals that are more trustworthy. So, Google is factoring in social media mentions, in particular Google+, Twitter, Facebook, you name it. The logic is simple, the more you get mentioned in Twitter by different users, the higher the likelihood that you’re real website and that their is real interest in your site. Again, spammers got a hold of this and they have abused it. There’s a reason why certain celebrities on Twitter has millions of users but when you look at these accounts, they don’t have profile. They just have tons of links and they don’t have any followers. These are fake and there’re millions of these types of accounts. They exist for one reason and one reason alone, to create fake social mentions and fake buzz regarding a particular website or particular web page that they are using for search engine optimization purposes.

This is Twitter waging a battle against these spammers and it needs to clean its house up. It needs to do this, first of all, to gain better credibility because who knows how many actual users really use Twitter. What makes this whole process such an ordeal is the fact that, the people that who do use Twitter are so influential that it ends up providing cover for the fact that many people who use Twitter burnout after a while and that Twitter has many many fake accounts. So, it’s anyone’s guess what the real user volume is.