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Latest Malware Development Uses Air Attacks

Hackers now using air attacks to infiltrate high profile targets.

Hackers now using air attacks to infiltrate high profile targets.

It used to be that if you’re computer had Bitdefender or another high quality security software installed, that you would be protected from virus attacks. Well, that is still a good idea. However, you have to be aware that hackers and malware authors are getting creative. How creative? Check this out. They can use malware installed on computers to capture your keystrokes and then transmit that information to another compromised computer without using the internet, wires or any normal modes of transmission. Seriously. Even if a computer is completely detached from the internet but has that malware, it can still capture your information and transmit it to an attacker. How? Sound waves. Talk about crazy. Basically, the malware will use the speaker system of your computer to transmit a sound that cannot be picked up by normal human ears. The receiving computer will then decode that information through its own listening devices and transmit that information to an attacker.

This may seem a bit elaborate and it may seem like too good to be true, too nasty to be true, but it is true. However, it’s still a proof of concept. This is called an ear gap security vulnerability. And chances are, such malware will probably be only use to steal a really high value and high security information. We’re talking may be trade secret, state secrets, even nuclear records, whatever. In other words, security researchers are mapping out the extreme ways hackers can get information from one computer to the other. Just like with any other proof of concept, however, this is should be enough to get people worried. Why? The internet moves so quickly and its technology evolves so swiftly that it really is only a matter of years or even months for something that started out as theoretical to become a nasty global threat.

Thankfully, anti-virus programs like Bitdefender, McAfee, you name it, tend to be quite proactive regarding the trends. So, we’re sure that they are on the ball. But this puts the focus on you even more. If the anti-virus companies like Kaspersky are on the case, then you have to be on the case. This means you have to make sure that your anti-virus software is always updated. And just as importantly, you have to schedule regular back-ups for your computer. You don’t want to loose all that data.