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Just in Time for the Holidays Apple IOS 7 Gets Jailbroken

Apple iOS7 just out - but wait that's not all, now you can also free your iphone from a life in prison with a speicific code.

Apple iOS7 just out – but wait that’s not all, now you can also free your iphone letting it run unauthorized software with a specific code.

If you want to run unauthorized apps on your Apple iphone, you’re pretty much out of luck. Apple is very very protective of the apps it approves for distribution on its app store. Apple runs a very tight ship. Not just anyone can run programs on its smartphone and tablet devices. This is why many people jailbreak their devices. When you jailbreak your Apple device, you enable your hardware to run unauthorized software. There are many interesting unauthorized software out there and they have enough of a fan base that many Apple users want their devices liberated. Apple IOS 7 just got released, and just in time for the year end holidays, hackers have posted up code on how to jailbreak your Apple iphone device. So, how do you install apps without using the official Apple app store? Very simple. There are many app store alternative. App stores like Cydia. You just need to install the app for Cydia on your jailbroken device and then load Cydia to find a whole list of jailbroken Apps.

iPhone User Notice: As the security layers are removed or altered by jailbreaking your Apple iPhone it could potentially make it vulnerable to malicious unauthorized software too.  There’s 2 sides of everything, please stay safe.