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Chile’s Start up Visa Program Might Be a Great Model for the United states

The United States is one of the most desired places to migrate to. Why? You can explode your earning potential just by being within the borders of the United States. That’s how vibrant the US economy is. Even during an economic downturn, if you are willing to lower your expectations, swallow your pride or move to a place where most Americans don’t want to move to, you are assured of a job.

This is not the case with many other countries in the world. Even if you’re the best and the brightest in your field, you’re not guaranteed a job. Even if you are a hard worker, the amount of money you make might not be enough to take care of your monthly bills. This is the hard reality that fuels the massive migration of people to the United States. Unfortunately, this migration trend tends to favor people with little to know skills or skills that are geared more towards labor intensive jobs like nursing, farm labor, custodial work, so on and so forth. These layers of the job market are often the segments that Americans don’t want to get into. That’s why there are job opportunities there to begin with.

As interesting as Americas job market dynamics play out, there is also another factor to keep in mind. America needs as many entrepreneurs as it can get. After all, business is what drives America forward. Businesses generate jobs. Without this core of entrepreneurialism, the jobs will dry up. Unfortunately, Americas immigration system has so many barriers to immigration based on entrepreneurship. There is a thing called the millionaires visa but few people have a million dollars lying around. There is another visa that doesn’t require million bucks but there are many barriers to getting that visa.

Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs and people who want to change American Immigration policy when it comes to attracting the next wave of entrepreneurs that can push America forward economically should look at Chile. Chile has a start up program that is the envy of many countries. Why? Chile doesn’t just let you migrate on an investor visa and forget about you. Instead, Chile locks you in to an investment channel that nurtures your business. In other words, this start up program is all about business. It’s all about results. This is why policy makers, consultants and people who are observing the immigration legal scene in the United States should really give a long hard look to Chile’s program. Start up Chile program is all about channeling the right people into Chile in giving them the money that they need to succeed. Moreover, instead of just throwing money at these entrepreneurs, Chile also gives them mentoring ang plugs them into market and business development. This is a powerful start up model that can crank out companies that can then benefit Chile by employing a lot of people. The United States and many other countries could learn a thing or two from this start up program.

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