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Who’d a thunk it? Amazon hits 400 Bucks a Share

What do you get when you have a stock market on steroids, tons of speculators, lots of hot new internet IPO’s and drones delivering packages to costumers? Well, you get Amazon stock price. Call it the perfect storm. Call it brilliant marketing. Call it whatever you want. Amazon is at 400 bucks a share. This is big news. This is the first time Amazon has hit that stock price. Well, you might be scratching your head and say that Amazon actually hit this stock prize back in the first dot com wave. After all, there were many companies that were hitting 900 dollars of shares, 800 dollars of shares. You would be absolutely right.

If Amazon did not split after those golden days. This is Amazon hitting 400 bucks after it has split its stock. This is major news if you are holder of Amazon stock. This just goes to show you that if you pick the best of breed, even if the worst stock market meltdown will not your investment. In fact, time will only reward your patience. This is precisely the kind of reward that patient Amazon stock holders got. Also, you have to remember that the stock market is going crazy right now. The US government is buying its debts and a lot of these money is being used for speculation, both in the United States and developing stock markets like the Philippines. Once that easy money dries up, a lot of speculative activity will stop. Another reason why Amazon has hit 400 is the recent excitement over CEO Jeff Bezos’s revelation that Amazon is planning on delivering products via drones. Is this just a gimmick? Is this even legally possible? Or is this even practical? Regardless, all these news items have driven Amazon stock to crazy territory. Just how crazy? If you look at Amazon’s stock price, it only hit 300 in July and now its at 400. Talk about an Amazon investment. Let’s hope it lasts.