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Microsoft Gives Holiday Gift to Windows Phone Owners

If you own a Windows phone, it’s justified for you to feel lonely. After all, if you have a Nokia phone running the Windows phone OS, there are only a handful of you among every hundred smartphone users. That’s right. Microsoft only has a few percentage points of otherwise giant global market. Be that as it may, there is a positive growth trends for Windows phone in some markets, most significantly in Europe. Regardless, it will probably still be a few years until Microsoft can become a serious player in the smartphone and tablet market.

Be that as it may, Microsoft has rewarded its loyal users with a nice holiday freebie in the form of 20Gb Skydrive storage. As we have mentioned earlier, Skydrive is Windows phone’s version of Apples icloud. This is a big deal because you can store your pictures online and not have to worry about your hardware devices. Moreover, you can synchronize or make local copies because everything is online. All told, this is a big move. it is a good move on Microsofts part because it needs to give as many good reasons to smartphone users, the world over, why they should use phones with Windows phone instead of Android or Apple’s IOS.