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Getting a Job with a Family-Owned Business

If you're trying to get a job in a family business don't come empty handed, you need to be able to cover the weak spot in the business.

If you’re trying to get a job in a family business don’t come empty handed, you need to be able to cover the weak spot in the business.

Usually when people want to get jobs, they’d like to get a job with a fast rising company. In their minds a fast rising company doesn’t care about your family affiliations or who you know. In most people’s minds, the definition of a fast growing and dynamic company is a company that hires and promotes people based solely on their activity. Such companies are results-oriented, driven and potential oriented. Well, it looks like relying on such a composite company is just going to leave you unemployed. Why? The truth of the matter is that 35% of over 500 companies, a large chunk, are family-owned companies. Also taken together, this 35% of companies account for over 75% of all the new jobs being created. So you have to really throw away all your conception of what a family-owned company is like. If you have a picture of like a large family hiring incompetent uncles and lazy cousins to work along side you, you might want to push that aside. Why? Because these companies will could not achieve such growth rates if they were run like incompetent organizations, would they?

If you are like many of the millions of Americans who are looking for jobs, it’s a good idea to target family-owned companies. Here is how you do it.

Learn how to find family-owned businesses

Family-owned businesses advertise for positions. They advertise a lot. You should hit the usual suspects when it comes to online jobs. We are of course talking about Craigslist, Monster, and indeed, there are many other places where you can search. Also, look at the company name. Look at it online to see if it is indeed family-owned. You have to remember when you are doing your job search that your strategy for family-owned businesses is gonna have to be different from you strategy for finding a job with a traditional company

Learn the family business culture

When you are going through the interview process with the family-owned business, make sure that you have done your homework. This means that you have to look through different brochures, you’ve asked around, you’ve checked out social media sites. Dig up as much information as you can get regarding the company. Pay attention to its particular culture. How it does things and its distinct viewpoint. Pay attention to its history. You have to remember, if you become an employee of that company you get plugged in to a family. That’s how they look at their company. It’s a family. So, during your interview. You have to show enough appreciation, respect and interest in how they do things. Also, you have to fit their expectations with what you have to offer and your personality. This way, the person interviewing you can stop looking at you as an outsider and more of a new family member.

Bring an important skill set to the table

Throughout your research on the business that you’re applying to, you will know there strong suits and you would know their weak spots. Make it clear during the interview that you bring something to the table that helps them with their weak spot. Don’t fake it. You have to be honest. With that said, you can massage your resume so that you can emphasize certain key parts of what you’ve done in previous jobs, so that it fits with the vacancies and the skills requirements of the company that you are applying to.

Keep these things in mind when applying to a family-based company. Family-based companies are not going anywhere anytime. They are fast growing and they provide a lot of employment.