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Bitdefender, Norton Anti-virus, McAfee, and Others can Save Your Christmas Security

How security solutions from mcafee, symantec and bitdefender can save the massive christmas shopping hysteria from a total disaster.

You got to leave it to the creativity and cleverness of online scammers. There is really no season for these scumbags to strike. They pretty much hit you all year round. Interestingly enough, many security researches are seeing seasonal variations in the types of scams usually perpetrated through email that these international scam and spam rings are run. They really try to keep in step with the particular season. For example, in summer the typical bogus scammer would send out emails regarding Fathers Day, regarding Independence Day and also vacation deals. Now that it is Christmas, you have to be aware that malware is floating around on the internet and much of the malawre being distributed takes the form of Christmas season spam.

What do we mean by malware? Malware is a blanket term for a wide range of different types of software with different types of behavior. We are all aware of viruses and what they do. We are also familiar with spyware, but malware doesn’t end there. Malware can take the form of Trojans, which look like harmless pieces of code which actually trigger certain chain of events which ends with your computer downloading and installing harmful software. We are also talking about harmful cookies that scammers use to track your movement from website to website. There are just so many creative ways scammers use to identify you, target you, and exploit your computer so they can make money off your credit card or your identity. When it comes to Christmas, scammers are really busy because they take full advantage of the holiday shopping season.

In particular, in November there are all sorts of spam regarding Black Friday. As we have mentioned earlier, Black Friday is one of the most busiest shopping days in America. Why? Holiday shopping season officially begins the Friday after Thanksgiving. This is BlackFriday. People are accustomed to seeing massive discounts given by retailers both online and offline on Black Friday. It’s not uncommon to get a free Iphone or a free Ipod as part of this promotions. It really can get quite crazy. As you can well imagine, since people are conditioned to get all sorts of weird and crazy deals come Black Friday, Scammers would swoop in with these deals that are seemingly too god to be true. Sadly, they are. When you click on the link and they say that your payment has been blocked because of identity theft and they need to prove your identity. Be very careful, those websites are called phishing websites. These websites exist to get your credit card information and other sensitive personal identification information so they can steal your identity. All of a sudden, several months later when your credit card statement comes in, you would see that you have made all these purchases all over the world. Really crazy stuff. So, be aware of a Black Friday, a very popular email scams.

A big variation of this, of course, is the Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is the monday after Black Friday where online retailers go crazy with the discounts. Again, scammers would use variations of these discounts so they can snag people. So, it’s very important that you pay attention to the software packages that you install. We offer Bitdefender, McAffe, Norton Anti-virus among our list of security software. Download the latest version of these top-rated security packages and give them a test drive. See if they are able to filter and block these phishing websites. Be very careful of these email that you get because you work hard for your money and you don’t want to go through the headache and hassle of having to fix you identity later on.

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