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Google Patents Interesting New Auto Technology

As we have mentioned earlier, Google has an initiative in place regarding self-driving cars. While we are several years away from a fully functional and fully safe self-driving car, the technology observers are quite excited and concerned about Google’s latest moves into the space. Why should people be concerned about Google moving into self-driving cars? Very simple. Google is all about data. They make money from data. The more data they can gather, index, make searchable and slap ads on, the more money they make. That’s the Google’s business model right there.

Well, by moving into a self-driving cars and coming up with the technology where a fleet of cars can go around a vast area and collect data, Google effectively multiplies its data collection. It can get information regarding landmarks, traffic volume, foot traffic, even street signs, you name it. Well, it’s quite interesting that it filed certain patents regarding light and sound sensing technology. This is a very interesting approach because if a car is going to navigate by light and sound, it’s basically going to mimick the way a dolphin or a bat navigates. This is going to be quite exciting if you ask us.

However, don’t get too excited because this is not exactly a new technology. Other companies are using a similar technology. Is this patent play to protect against those new technologies or is this patent claim going to lead to something bigger and better? It remains to be seen.