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Instagram Beats Facebook as Branding Platform

In a recent report regarding the branding firepower of four of major social media platforms on the internet, Instagram has come out head and shoulders against its competitors. That’s right, Instagram beats Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter when it comes to online branding. Before we go into depth as to what this study’s conclusion means, we have to recap why branding is important. Branding online is crucial because any business, most businesses don’t have infinite marketing budgets. In other words, you don’t have this endless supply of cash that you dip into to buy ads and to get your name out there. A brand works like a marketing battery, just like a battery stores electricity and you can access it whenever you want, branding enables your advertising firepower to continue even though you stopped spending money on advertising. An effective branding is a way of getting your value, your corporate values in the minds of people in your market place without you spending a ton of money. Considering how powerful branding is and considering its impact on your company’s profitability, you can imagine why many companies, big and small pay serious attention to branding.

According to a report released by SUMALL, a marketing and business analysts tool that tracks over a hundred thousand businesses on the major social networks, Instagram provides a better branding value than other platforms. Apparently, its power is due to a fact that its easier to share your graphical brand and persona with other Instagram users. This should not be a surprise. Instagram, after all, is primarily a mobile and graphical platform. In other words, it is based solely on pictures and it is primarily used on mobile phones. This is a very powerful combination. As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Pictures have a way of conveying emotional messages and this is very powerful and this is crucial for branding.

The other part of the equation is that Instagram is the top dog in platform that can be accessed anywhere at anytime by people. People aren’t always in front of their desktop computers and they’re definitely don’t always have a laptop around. However, they always carry a mobile phone and this is why Instagram is such a powerful branding tool. It has the infrastructure and it also has the site organizations and features that enable people to share branded graphic messages easily with each other.