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Edward Snowden and NSA Reportedly Talking About Possible Amnesty

Edward Snowden in discussions with NSA will a kind of amnesty be offered to the whistleblower?

Edward Snowden in discussions with NSA will a kind of amnesty be offered to the whistleblower?

It would really be the news of the century if famed whistle-blower Edward Snowden gets a full amnesty from the U.S. government. After all, his revelations have really taken the mask of the US Global Snooping. Thanks to the United States NSA Agency, governments all over the world as well as ordinary citizens are now aware of how extensive the United States electronics surveillance system is. In fact, it is so extensive and pervasive that they were able to get into the personal phone of the Prime Minister of Germany. Serious security issues.

The NSA is tasked with providing security for the United States against international threats. They have even planted agents in virtual worlds like Second Life and World of Warcraft. That’s how thorough the NSA is. Thanks to Edward Snowden, all of us common civilians are now somewhat aware of the shenanigans the NSA has pulled over the years. Sure, the NSA wants to prevent another 9/11. Sure, the NSA doesn’t want kids getting killed by terrorist. We could all agree on that but the problem is the means that they use and how extensive their spy network is. As one of the founding fathers of the United States once wrote, any society that is willing to trade freedom for security will end up with neither. So, that is some food for thought that should inform how people should digest the news item that Edward Snowden and the amnesty and the NSA and the US Government in preliminary talks regarding a possible amnesty deal.

Frankly, I wouldn’t mind Edward Snowden getting a full amnesty because, frankly, he did the world a huge favor. Spying on your friends is not cool. Spying on your civilians on their personal and consumer habits is not cool. It’s understandable to spy on the bad guys but why do you have to spy on everybody. There are a lot of people who are claiming that the NSA is doing a good thing. No. if you devolve and delegate so much of your personal security and personal privacy to a government agency. Eventually down the line somebody, somehow, someway, will abuse it and that is a danger Edward Snowden woke us up to.

The big deal about this amnesty is that it’s probably a back doorway for the US Government to prevent Snowden from releasing further damaging information regarding its surveillance activities. In other words, it’s a dangling carrot in front of Snowden to stop the revelations and come back home. As we have reported, Snowden is hold up in Russia right now and really cannot come back to the America. This man is a hero and it would be a shame for the US Government to just bribe him by offering him his freedom through an amnesty program. I don’t know what the optimal package would be but the world has definitely been enriched by the huge amount of information that Snowden has made possible.