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Google Glass Upgrade Arrives before year’s end

In November, Google modified existing owners of Google glass regarding one time option,. They can trade in their old units to upgrade to a new model that will be launch in November. If you agree to this trade in, Google would reserve a spot for you in the waiting list for the upgrade. Well, the upgrade has begun shipping according to Mashable.

What are the changes? On the looks of it, it looks exactly the same as the old version. It is available in the same array of colors as before. The big difference is in speed. The upgraded version is definitely faster. Also, one feature that is turning heads is that it appears to be much faster, it appears to be more durable than the previous version. One thing that I like about the upgraded version, is that it’s easy to swap out prescription frames. This is great news because not all of us have a perfect eye sight. This is actually one of the biggest complaints people have against Google glass. It assumes that everybody has a 20/20 vision when in reality Google is basically cutting out huge chunk of the possible users of this great wearable wireless technology.

The big drawback, of course, is that you have to return your old unit, because this is an upgrade. The turn around time is around 5 days. That is awesome. The downside to all this is that you need to live in the United States for the great turn around time. Be that as it may, Google Glass is an exciting piece of technology because as we keep our reporting again and again, it is a powerful way of capturing data signals from your everyday waking reality, processing it through the internet and having the information sent back to you that can help you make informed decision as you go about your daily business. This is big news because this is a great big step in augmented reality. Augmented reality is not just about playing awesome video games. It’s not just about like scanning bar codes and doing automatic translation. No. Augmented reality is deeper than that. It is more pervasive than that. Augmented reality stripped down to its core essential is all about taking your everyday reality, processing it through the vast distributed knowledge network of the internet and giving information that you can then use to alter your reality. Talk about mind blowing. Talk about awesome.

There is one big hurdle though. Google Glass costs a thousand dollar per unit. Not exactly an access-friendly price. But thanks to China and cheap manufacturing, we should see wearable wireless technology become what it should become, a race to the bottom. At least in terms of price.