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Facebook sharers beware: Bitdefender Calls Out Paul Walker Scammers

Scam artists use big news topics to spread malicious software and it sickens me!

Scam artists use big news topics to spread malicious software and it sickens me!

It really makes me sick to think about the depths online scammers and hackers would go to just to spread malware, viruses, spywares, you name it. These people really are bottom-feeders. Thanks to the latest update by Bitdefender over on Twitter and other social media outlets. We are now aware that scammers are targeting Facebook users by exploiting the death of Paul Walker.

Unless you are hiding under a rock, Paul Walker was the star of the ever popular ‘Fast and Furious’ racing movie series. He died very recently because of a high-speed crash in California. He has a lot of fans in social media. It’s not surprising that scammers and hackers are using his death to get people to click on a link, when they click on the link they load potentially dangerous software to their computers. No joke. You might think that this is stupid and the people who fall for this trick are stupid. Well, you have to
understand, social media is so powerful that when your friend shares a link with you, you’re brain pretty much goes on auto-pilot because there’s a lot of trust for that friend so you are more than willing to click on a link that they share. After all, friends wouldn’t willingly share viruses, right? Well, sadly, that is precisely what’s happening with this Paul Walker video that is floating around Facebook.

The first step of the infection is for the remote software to infect your Facebook account, so you then share copies of the link. And when people then click the link, they share the link some more. You might think that this is all harmless, this is just the link being spread. Wait, there is more, there is a dangerous virus payload connected with that where you are just opening yourself up for all sorts of potential problems later on, like Trojans. So, it’s really important to really pay attention to the stuff that you are sharing and to flag a suspicious shares by your friends on Facebook. Be aware of the so called full video of the accident that claim the life of Paul Walker.

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