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The Evolution Of The All-In-One Electric Bicycle

If you live in a particulary congested urban area, this blog post is probably going to be a music to your ears. Let’s face it. It costs a lot of money to maintain a car in the Metro. If you live in San Francisco, for example (or New York), it probably would not make economic sense to keep a car. It’s probably, in most cases, is much cheaper to just use the subway or in certain cases, just take a taxi. That’s how important Metro commuting cost hassles are in figuring out alternatives. One alternative to reducing your cost is to bike. The problem with a bicycle is that, you obviously get tired. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a bicycle that is hybrid between a motorcycle or scooter and a regular foot powered bicycle? Well, the electric bike has been around for a long time. This used to be called mopeds. You remember mopeds, right? But the problem with the moped is, it’s like a very strip down version of a motorcycle. It’s really just like a bike with a strip down motor but it is still driven by a motor and it uses fuel.

Well, the evolution of the electric bike came from moped. Take out the gas fueled parts and put in battery fueled parts, problem solved right? No, the result, up until very recently, has been amount of retrocity. Many of these e-bikes are so bulky and the battery packs are so big. Many have wires sticking out and it really looked like something that prawled out of Frankinstein’s garage. Well, thanks to the clammer for a carless alternative, as well as the increasing awareness of global warming and environmental issues, more and more people want to give their cars a break. As a result, e-bikes have come on to the market that look better and have better technology behind them.

One of the best looking designs is Zehus. This is an Italian company and they produce the electric bike that looks exactly like a bike. You would almost think that this is not an electric bike, but when you look at the rear wheel, you’ll notice that its axle is a little bit thicker because that is where the battery and where the action takes place. Just like with most things designed in Italy, it is sleek, it looks great and it is well-designed. Another approach to electric bikes, of course, is to go to the conversion rod. In other words, instead of blowing a lot of money buying specific e-bike like Zehus, why not just buy a kit that would convert your existing bike into an electric bike? One company is Flykly. Its smart wheel product turns any old bike into electricity driven bike. It’s a conversion kit.

The advantages of converting your bike is, first of all, you don’t throw away your old bike so you save money by using your existing bike. Also, the conversion kit costs much cheaper than completely new ebike because ebikes run anywhere from $500 to $1,000 but in the big scheme of things and considering the fact that most cars cost $10,000 or more, you would still walk away with a big bargain or with an e-bike. E-bikes are great because they give you a lot of effectivity. If you want working out or exerting a lot of effort, you can. If you want a bit of help and use some of that energy that you’ve stored in the battery so you can have a more leisurely ride, you can. E-bikes may be the wave of the future when it comes to living in dense Metro areas.