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Opscode Gets 32 Million Dollars For Its IT Automation Platform Expansion

Opscode is a very interesting company. It is a market player in a particular lucrative segment of business automation. You have to understand that, up until now, many large skill companies (like big retailers and big distributors) used software and IT system that was a throwback to 20 years ago. Seriously, we’re talking about local software. We’re talking about enterprise and custom coded software.

While this may be awesome for a company 20 years ago or even 10 years ago, in this fast moving world where mobile store fronts are making a massive impact on retailers’ bottom lines, a lot of retailers have found themselves flat footed because of their IT infrastructure. Inter opscode (now renamed Chef- this company uses a platform that automates the different integration practices of different IT departments), in other words, build a platform that allows a software developer for large companies, seamlessly, more easily can integrate old systems with newer and mobile friendly store fronts and applications.

As you can well imagine, there’s a huge demand for this type of service. Why? It makes the whole integrated system more predictable. Also, it gives a lot of flexibility to many of these large institutions to slowly scale up their integrations. Instead of redoing everything all at once, they can scale up in increments and this platform enables them to do that with as little pain as possible. Opscode got 32 million dollars in additional funding and this marks its series D and so far, the company has raised 56 million dollars. This is going to be one company to keep an eye on, because it is definitely in the right market and it has the right mix of clients. It’s not your typical business to consumer play, so in the event this goes IPO, this is definitely something to keep an eye on.