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Codeacademy Rolls Out Its First Mobile Educational App

As we’ve written on this blog page earlier, the United States faces a shortage of coders. That’s right. The United States is really hurting for the talent that would continue its technological edge over the rest of the world. In fact, a lot of tech companies habitually import software engineers from other parts of the world because, for a variety of reasons, the talent pool just doesn’t exist here. It is because of these yawning gap between market supply and demand, that many advocates are pushing for a computer science orientation for basic education and high school education in the United States.

In keeping with this push for increased computer science education, online learning start up Codeacademy, released its mobile app that helps people learn how to code. If you are going to go before you download the app and get all excited, keep in mind that this it is not as intensive as the desktop version of Codeacademy. After all, you’re dealing with small mobile device and the screen is fairly small. As a result, a lot of the app’s instruction process takes the form of multiple choice.

Be that as it may, it is quite beefy for such a small app. The students would be treated in the following sections: introduction, variables, comparisons, data types, and if…else. All these, of course, are a step in the right direction because by playing with this app, you could at least open your mind to the basic principles of coding and as you get more familiar and acclaimed with coding structure, you could then go to the Codeacademy’s website and roll up your sleeves and really get deep into the nitty gritty of coding.

What’s in it for you? Well, if you know how to code and you know how to code well, you basically have a skill said that is such in high demand, that you can pretty much write your own paycheck. Seriously, that’s how big the demand is for coders. If you live in a foreign country and you’re reading this blog post (if you know how to code), you can command a really great pay even through an outsourced arrangement. This is a great idea by the Codeacademy and let’s hope it catches on.