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Snowden Recent Leak Shows NSA Infiltrated World Warcraft

As we’ve reported earlier, the NSA has built up an extensive domestic spying network. A lot of critics of the government were saying that they haven’t seen anything yet in terms of how extensive, pervasive and all encompassing the NSA spy activities are. After all, we’re talking about the same spying agency that listen to the cellphones that track the cell phone calls of the Prime minister of Germany. That is how extensive the NSA was or still is. It seems that, as shocking as all those activities are, we haven’t seen anything yet.

According to the latest published reports of leaked documents from famed NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, it appears that the NSA, actually, even infiltrated online communities. We’re talking about world warcraft’s second life completely amazing. In fact, it shows that the NSA did not spare even virtual words from its digital snooping. How extensive was the spying on these virtual game works? Well, according to Snowden’s documents, it appears that the NSA would create characters on world warcraft on second life and look at guilds and other organizations online to see what kind of messaging these groups would send to each other and to the general public. This is not exactly new. The alarm for this kind of really deep undercover possible terrorist activity was raised a few years back by some digital newspapers from the United Kingdom. It appears that the NSA was listening to those warnings and they have stepped out online guilds and online organization soft world warcraft second life.

Apparently, this might not be just the online communities that the NSA restricted itself to, that the NSA targeted. In fact, there are probably other online communities. Anyway, what’s very interesting about these activities was that, it really turned out that there are many possible terrorist targets. But one particularly humorous element of all these, was that these digital spys would actually trip over each other because they would think that they would have nailed possible terrorists when it turns out that online identity belong to another NSA employee. So there are lot of possible hilarious situations, but still the level and reach of the NSA is definitely quite mind bugling.

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