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Is the SmartWatch the Next Frontier For Wearable Wireless?

A lot of people are obviously justifiably excited about the prospect of wearable wireless. After all, this technology allows people to collect information regardless of what they are on the planet. More importantly, they can sort this information through the powerful software resources of the internet and access different pools of data to come up with decisions and data that would allow them to make changes to their current situations and transform their own personal reality. As a result (at least), that’s the hype of wearable wireless. This is the technology industry we’re talking about after all, and just like any business, it thrives on hype. There is to be a healthy level of chest thumping and public dreaming for people to get excited about the overall vision of the brave new technological worlds to come.

Be that as it may, as we have reported earlier, the hype about wearable wireless has hit several snags. One of them is of course Google Glass. We already mentioned our misgivings about this particular product. One other front of the wearable wireless wave that we should not ignore is the Smart Watch. The Smart Watch front is actually more straightforward than Google Glass. If you look at a wireless watch, it is obviously less disruptive than glasses that collect information and stream information to use. You’re looking at all objects. A lot of companies are excited about the Smart Watch concept because they think that it’s a great add on device to your smart phone. At least that’s the spin Samsung has on this particular piece of wearable wireless technology. Other companies look at the smart watch really is a smaller version of your smart phone.

As a result they create devices that are quite big and strap around your arm. Others look at it as a very simple and strip down device that is really just a watch with souped up computational and browsing capabilities. As you can tell from this wide range of implementations that, there is really no common understanding as to what the real impact of Smart Watch will be. In fact there’s really no common understanding as to what direction Smart Watch should take. Be it just as an assistant or add on device to your mobile phone or is it to some sort of stand alone device, it’s just really all up in the air. Even with the much hype release of the pebble Smart Watch, people can’t still figure out the ultimate estimation of these technologies.

Is this going to be just a flash in the pan or ever really looking at a dead end? Because, unlike Google Glass where you are actually perceiving data with your eyes and data is being shown, you can actively make decisions. Smart Watch really would take more a lot of interactions and involve taking a break from whatever it is that you are doing.