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Getting Less Email Spam? Thank Google

If you’re getting less email spam nowadays, you have to give Google a big thumbs up. While there are lots of initiatives currently on their way on social media to crack down on fake news links and fake sites, being promoted on social network sites, a lot of the big progress in cutting down on phishing attacks and outright email spam has been made through the efforts of Google. How would they able to do this? They were able to do this through introducing protocol systems that allow email servers, particularly SMTP servers, to recognize whether another email service sending email is legit. This is done through an encrypted key system. This security key ensures that the domain is safe when it’s trying to send an email.

A lot of spammers use systems that try to fake domain names and try to fake senders. As a result, if without these key systems, a lot of these emails gets through and people get spam in their Inbox. Thanks to this protocol called the Domain Key Identified Email and the Sender Policy Framework. Google’s initiatives have dramatically reduced the volume of email address fraud. You have to remember that email address fraud is the main way spammers can send email to you. They have to use an email address that has to come from a domain name.

In the bad old days, this was spoofed or faked. With the new system, it’s getting harder and harder to fake headers and fake email addresses. As a result, there’s a less and less spam going through. Are we in the clear? Absolutely not. We have to remember that as long as there is money on the table, there will always be people that will try to find the way around it. In fact, the very success of Google in cracking down on email is definitely going to incentivize other people to try spamming. Why? There’s less competition. Their competitors’ emails are not going through so there’s a lot more money on the table. So as a result, there’s going to be a lot more brain power devoted to get around this anti-spam systems. Still this is good news, because the overall volume went down and is already going down, but it does highlight the fact that technology is an arms race. It’s all about competition and it’s all about going for that money that is left on the table.