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Kidozen Gets $5 Million Dollar Funding To Ensure Mobile App Freedom For Enterprises

More and more enterprises are using mobile apps that tap into large vendor systems like IBM or SAP, but the problem going to this route is that, you’re often locked in to the ecosystem and business software system of your provider. You basically play in their sandbox. Kidozen’s approach is that, you just use their platform and that you can then, use 14 mobile software development kits that they have in their platform that allows you to cherry pick your way into the different applications and capabilities of these large providers. This is in keeping with the API-based development system that is becoming really big with apps.

Instead of using your own proprietary system or building your own software, you can then just pick and choose different functionalities from different providers that provide online processing and data as a service. This is a very big development and a very big vision and not surprisingly, Kidozen just got $5 Million dollars in funding from third point ventures. We seriously think this is a great way to look upon cloud based computing because it delivers on a more open and flexible system, instead of being locked into the tool sets and ecosystems of your providers. It’s a great intermediary service. The only question that we have is how long will it survive because the interest of the big data providers like SAP, Sharepoint, Microsoft Exchange and others, is to build networks and fight of competition through networks, so we will see how this all plays out, but is definitely thinking in the right direction.