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How To Make More Money With Your Mailing List

One of the most effective ways to market online is through mailing list. Either you build your own mailing list or you buy ad space on other people’s mailing list. Regardess, if you want to reach people just at the right time and reach people who are willing to buy, you can’t do much better than through mailing list. With that said, many people have this mistaken belief that you only need to put up a mailing list and you will instantly start making money. Nothing could be farther from the truth. If you want to make real money with your mailing list (I’m not just talking about few hundred of dollars every other week. We’re talking serious money. Money that you can live aweful), you have to be very strategic with your mailing list. Here are just some tips that will help you make more money with your mailing list.

1. Focus On Quality

People who sign up to your mailing list are expecting quality content. You only have one chance to deliver on that hope. If they don’t get what they expect from you, as soon as possible, chances are they would either stop reading your emails or put you on their spam folders. You don’t want any of these to happen that’s why it’s very important that, when you step up to the plate, you try to hit a home run. This means that you have to put out clear content that clearly speaks to the needs and desires of your list members and you need to really deliver. People didn’t sign up get spammed. People didn’t sign up for your key offers. People are looking to add value to their lives. The sooner you deliver these, the more they will trust you and the higher the chance you will make money out of your mailing list.

2. Dont Irritate Your List Members

Nothing is more annoying than getting more than one email from a mailing list in the same day. I mean, how important is the message that it would justify getting pestered with the same basic message in a short period of time? The truth is, if you want your messages to achieve a maximum effect, you need to space them out. You need to give your list members some space and time to breath. You can’t just keep hitting them with email after email because, eventually, they will get blind to your emails and stop reading them. This is true even if you send high quality contents. This is true even if you will send life or death messages, it doesnt matter. If people get hit with so many messages, they just treat it like spam. So, don’t destroy the value of your mailing list by over mailing. Be very selective. Make sure that you’re only going to be sending out updates if those updates truly adds value to the lives of your list members.

3. Send Related Offers Only

There are too many mailing list owners that send out solo ads. These are ads that are taken out by unrelated businesses with the only goal of getting traffic from your mailing list. The problem is you can’t feature mailing list like a prostitute that is open to any buyer. You have to be very descriminating and select the right advertiser. Sure, a gun advertiser is willing to pay you a several hundred dollars, but if your mailing list is for anti-gun activists, it’s probably a bad idea. So, you can increase that amount of money you’re making up on your mailing list by sending more targeted ads.