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Will Game Consoles Ever Die?

If you play on the Xbox or the Playstation 4, you’d probably be surprised to learn that, at one point in history, game consoles died off. Seriously, there was a point in time where people who bought game consoles to play games in their living rooms stopped buying those consoles. This happened in the 1980s and it might happen again. Interestingly enough, what killed game consoles back then (this was in the age of the attari game console), was the quality of the games. In other words, there were so much game cartridges released in the market that, the market really imploded. It was a bad case of low quality overload. As you can well imagine, game console makers are more discriminating regarding who gets licensed to use their platform. Just because you put up a game does not necessarily mean you can put them in console. This is a good move, but it might not be enough to hold off the death of the game console. After all, there are ways to get around this technical hurdle. People do this all the time by running unauthorized or pirated versions of console games.

The real problem that game console makers should really look at, is the over saturation of games on the market. For the longest time, the overall business model of the game console industry is to use a churn and burn strategy. In other words, people would burn out from the latest video game hit and then, they would just wait for another title to make it to the market and then, they would repeat the process again and again. So far, this worked. Call of Duty is a multi-billion dollar franchise. Grand Theft Auto is a muti-billion dollar franchise, but the problem is that, you can’t just look at the hits. You also have to look up in between the hits and it’s fast beginning to look like the console market is being flooded with so many games, that it may become a crap shoot for developers to develop for. As a result, the overall game industry would start looking like Hollywood.

In Hollywood, new ideas and innovative story lines often don’t get produced because the overall focus of Hollywood productions is to guarantee a hit. Considering the huge amount of money that gets poured into making movies, a studio head can only fail so many times before he or she is out of the job. That’s the cool hard reality. The sad truth is that, video game industries are fast becoming like that. Since video game productions now take millions of dollars to complete, it is not out of the realm of possibility where a fewer title get produced each year. As a result, more and more people start losing interests in video games all together. So, unlike the previous generation of video games, when video game consoles just died out because of the proliferation of low quality titles. Maybe, the opposite will happen when the video game publishers are so averse risk that they basically, just produce big hit games and as a result, the market gets turned off.