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How Robbers Can Use Social Media For Home Invasions

Believe it or not, people have had their homes raided by robbers because of information they posted online. Here are just some ways you can protect yourself from home invasion due to social media. Never ever announce that you will be going on a vacation. If you’re going to announce that you were on vacation, do it after the fact. There have been reported cases of people announcing when they will be getting tickets or when their trip will be and suffering a robbery or home invasions. Home invasions can get quite deadly because these are people that break in when you are still in the house. A burglar is very important to guard against when you are posting when you will be out of the country or out of town.

Another good social media practice that you should stick to is, never announce when you bought a fancy or expensive item. If you’re into jewelry and you post pictures of very expensive jewelry, you’re just opening yourself up to possible burglary or home invasion. You might think that, “why would people rob from you when people on your Facebook list are your friends?” Well, theoretically, they are your friends, but their friends or friends of friends can see what you post. So, it is really a good idea to tighten up the security of your account so that only direct friends can see your updates. Moreover, it’s just best practice to not publicize when you bought something very expensive. Don’t open yourself up to becoming victimized.

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