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Are Mobile Devices Destroying The American Family?

Any social unit thrives when people communicate with each other, when people are cohesive and they pay attention to each other. The big fear of many social conservatives and social observers is that the proliferation of mobile devices such as phones and tablets are cutting in to the way people interact and get along with members of their family, if not society at large. In fact, some critics are even saying that this leads to a form of social isolation, that people are going to be able to knock compartmentalize the idea of getting along with each other and communicating with each other from the actual reality of talking directly to people. There’s a lot of merit to this argument. There’s a big difference betweeen texting somebody and calling somebody. There’s a big difference in talking to somebody face to face and calling somebody or even video conferencing with that person.

There are a lot of messages that are simply lost when you read an email, for example. You don’t see the person’s demeanor, you don’t see the sender’s facial expressions and you obviously don’t hear their tone of voice. All these factors add up to a greater reality of what that person means or what the real subtext or context of the things they are saying. As a result, a some behavioral scientists are saying that the increased level of technology in human communication is all scraping the human soul of communication. There might be a lot of merit to these, because you don’t wanna live in a society that is experiencing some sort of communication schizophrenia because there is a big added layer of reality when you are dealing with people directly and communicating with them and then, there is that personal bond that is established. There’s the social reality that you participated when you’re dealing with people personally and face to face. This is all stripped away when you use communication devices.

While critics of this area might argue that another social reality takes its form, because there is an etiquette with smart phone communications, tablet communciations, or skype communciations, and according to these people, the worries about technological devices, creating some sort of disjunctive psychology, is over blown. After all, they would say that you only need to look back to the past when the telephone was invented. That didn’t then exactly destroy the world, did it? So, in their minds, mobile devices are truly going to add too much to the table. Crazy people are still gonna act crazy, family that are falling apart will still fall apart regardless of whether they have mobile devices or not.