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Youtube TV: An Idea Whose Time Has Come?

For the longest time, the idea of the Youtube TV was basically a no brainer. After all, what would be more natural extension of the popularity of one of the most heavily visited websites on the planet than having its own TV extension or device? Well, there are a lot of numbers involved and the numbers do look very promising for you than Google. Youtube is extremely popular and there is no deny in that. There are probably going to be millions of people that would easily jump at the opportunity to access their Youtube programming through a device as special channel.

As attractive as this possibilities maybe to a certain people, there are serious hurdles to Youtube TV becoming a real hit. We’re not talking of just becoming a novelty or some sort of special technology, but we’re talking about Youtube TV becoming a real fixture in people’s lives. First of all, Youtube is not your typical video channel. Youtube is, at best, a mishmash or a wild collection of different types of videos. You have videos of funny babies and funny animals right next to pirated and unauthorized music videos along with other types of content. That’s what makes Youtube fun as a website. It is very chaotic, it’s very free-form and it’s a lot of fun -that is its appeal. It’s a video channel all about you, your needs and your interests.

The problem is, translating that into a specific channel or specific device even, it is going to take a massive leap of faith in the whole relationship between the content and the positioning of the content will really definitely have to go through several changers. It’s not a slam dunk by any stretch of imagination and I don’t think that the overall evolution of Youtube has reached that stage. Sure, the interaction is fairly flat, because the interaction is only through a comment section and maybe, that is the problem Youtube should fix rather than going straight to a Youtube TV. Maybe it should look into a more collaborative commenting system so that the community doesn’t remain passive because, really, it’s just about a one directional relationship, instead of a truly free form community relationship.