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Is Google trying to kill the SEO market?

The SEO services market is a multi-billion dollar market. Part of the larger online marketing market, SEO services are very much in demand by a business world continuing to wake up to the reality that good solid offline brands don’t guarantee online traffic. This demand is going to continue to ramp up in the future. The problem is the supply. While there are many people in the SEO industry, Google’s recent trio of changes seem to indicate that Google is bent on thinning the herd. Google Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird threw a monkey wrench in the plans of many an SEO company. Previously reliable search performance is now a distant memory for many clients of many SEO companies. And the carnage continues as Google rolls out update after update of these different initiatives. Penguin, in particular, has gone through at least two major overhauls. As you can probably tell, all these updates have cratered many sites’ search ranking performance. Unless you’re dealing with a purely localized SEO provider who can still reliably rank rarely-searched local search terms, the SEO market is in turmoil. The old tricks no longer work and clients are panicking.

How Google’s moves can actually help the SEO industry

Zen Buddhists have a phrase ‘less is more’ which is quite appropriate to the current market of SEO service providers. Let’s face it, for the longest time SEO was relatively easy and many players who liked to operate fast and loose entered the market. Many were lazy. As a result, tons of sloppy links were made, tons of low quality pages were generated, and the money continued to roll in. Now that Google’s been dealing out digital beat downs on a regular basis, maybe the ensuing ranking carnage will push the market towards responsible SEO companies who actually work to build links through real win-win relationships and real high-quality content. Many clients have a short leash and maybe the crash of many a shady SEO company might not be that bad. If all these updates end up discouraging shady practices, Internet users would definitely approve.