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An idea whose time has come: a partnership model for SEO?

Google Penguin. Google Panda. Google Hummingbird. This menagerie of animals is sure to add new members in the near future. Each update seeks to put out fires and boost the quality of Google’s results. Sadly, Google’s index would improve for a time but then sink back in quality as those looking to game Google’s system find a fix. Google then releases another update and the game takes another twist. And on and on it goes. Billions of dollars down the drain. Tons of low quality results assault Google users.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be like this. Google can actually officially work with web publishers in Google’s quest of providing high quality content to its users. Google can roll out a premium or trusted content program where content providers will produce high quality content in exchange for Gogole traffic. Of course, Google can provide anti-cheating safeguards by archiving the content, hosting the content on its server network, structuring the agreement to allow for overrides, and other defensive measures. By actively recruiting publishers, Google turns publishers into partners instead of rivals. Maybe this more harmonious model would produce better results not just for the publishers and Google but also for end-users.