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Learning from SalesForce and Amazon: The power of apps in getting higher value customers

Not all customers are created equal. Sure, a sale is a sale but some sales are worth more over the long term than some other sales. Moreover, some sales might be low-value now but these customers might turn into valuable assets down the road. If all this isn’t complicated enough, some of these initial low-value customers might not increase in direct sales value in the future but might refer high value clients. What to make of this convoluted reality? If this seems like unnecessary hairsplitting to you-think again. Your solution to these problems might mean the difference between your company staying a six digit company or your firm becoming a multimillion or even multibillion dollar company. Seriously. In fact, Salesforce.Com’s attention to these questions turned that company into a multibillion dollar company. Now, thanks to the App Revolution, your company might tap into the technologies that enable companies to mine their current customer relationships for higher sales and fatter paychecks.

Identifying high value customers

You just gotta love mobile apps. They allow you to keep a bead on your customers’ sales activities regardless of where they are on the planet. Also, they can access your offerings whenever they want. This all-pervasive, always on relationship enable you to get your offers in front of the right eyeballs at the right time. Besides sales opportunities, this tight relationship yields data that would enable you to engineer the relationship so each client gets more value and your company gets more value in terms of higher value sales, higher value social network relationships, better brand equity, and better customer intelligence. How to do this? Mobile apps, of course. Instead of looking at apps as yet another way to get eyeballs in front of your offer, you have to look at apps as portals into building deeper relationships with customers. You provide information, customer service, and other valuable content that deepens the relationship and increases your perceived value in the eyes of your customer and people your customers network with. The possibilities are huge. You can build an eager network of incentivized viral marketers using your app. You can foster peace of mind and set otherwise irate customers at ease using your apps. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. One thing is clear and indisputable though-you have to have a solid app strategy starting today or you might get left behind by your competition.

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