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Snapchat may be on to something big

SnapchatIf the news of Snapchat turning down Facebook’s multibillion dollar offer got you thinking of starting your own temporary data app company, you are hardly alone. It would be safe to say that many people’s internal Mark Zuckerberg/Bill Gates/Jeff Bezos/Steve Jobs got energized by the raw bravado and spunk shown by Snapchat’s owners in turning down Facebook’s offer. Before you start working on a business plan however, you need to take a long hard look at the temporary personal information space. Thanks to Snapchat, personal information like photos and other types of personal data are off limits. Snapchat has all that space. Sorry, all full. Don’t go there. Instead, you might want to look at a bigger and more lucrative pie-enterprise temporary data. This is where the real money is.

Consumer versus enterprise commercial technology

While Snapchat’s technology is sexy and popular, its commercial appeal may not yield much money thanks to the historical revenue-weakness of business to consumer plays. Snapchat is no exception. Maybe it can make money through advertising or through premium service plans or maybe not. One thing is true though-businesses would pay good money for such functionalities in an enterprise setting. Businesses need temporary data? You bet! Businesses send deliberation information all the time. They also send schematics, graphical first drafts, you name it. Storing this information in a distributed mannel among many hands can be quite risky for the company. While a central archived source should still be maintained, giving employees and partners temporary copies can help the business get the idea or proposal or project worked on or reviewed while protecting its intellectual property. Another great thing about the temporary data niche for enterprises is that there are many sub-niches of enterprises you can market to. Each of these niches have customized needs. The more customization, the higher the added income.

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