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The next big Tech Revolution: Micro applications from API

One of the most expensive facets of software development involves custom-coded applications that deal with the needs of a particular client. This is expensive since it requires lots of custom coding and specific attention. It is also very old. After all, this is the classic model followed by enterprise software development. Now that the world is moving to a Software as a Services (SaaS) model and cloud computing model, the underpinnings of this old expensive standard are, understandably, under assault. As we keep mentioning in these pages, enterprises gong SaaS enjoy tons of security, cost, functionality, and convenience advantages. As exciting as all this development may be-it is fast shaping up to be a $120 billion industry by 2020-the real excitement is taking place in the world of apps. That’s right-mobile apps have pushed more and more developers to see the beauty of APIs. APIs allow developers to tap online services core functionalities. If you like an SaaS, you don’t have to eat the whole 5 course meal it offers, so to speak. You can, using APIs, pick different functions from the table. This might revolutionize the software development game fundamentally. Seriously.

Modular software development

There are many factors that jack up the price of software. The biggest of these is labor, obviously. APIs allow developers to cherry pick different functionalities offered by different SaaS using APIs and string them together along with a custom front end to meet custom needs. This is revolutionary! Not only are you saving money using the SaaS model, you are also saving development time because the modules already exist. Moreover, you can customize to customers’ specific needs without breaking a sweat because you can whip out a simple menu of features and cherry pick options from different SaaS providers. Lean, tight, and fast. This will not only reduce development time but it can unleash many cloud based customer applications that are custom-tailored to clients’ specific needs. Talk about killing several (previously expensive) birds with one stone. If there is any technology trend you should be on the lookout for in the future, check out the rise of APIs. Yet another reason to thank Steve Jobs and Apple. The mobile revolution truly woke many people up to the benefits of API technology. Established software players who want to stay relevant in this coming new age need to get serious about converting their software and code infrastructure for ultimate API-friendliness. And they need to move now.

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