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Is Social SEO eroding Twitter’s value?

Twitter hasn’t been a public company for long and cracks found early on in its public persona are getting bigger with each passing day. One day, the drama is about the number of people getting burned out at Twitter. The next day, the drama is all about the number of fake users on Twitter. The day after that, the amount of real follows and so on and so forth. When it comes to drama, it appears that this microblogging company from San Francisco has more than its fair share. Maybe when it figures out how to turn drama into cash, it can finally have a viablebusiness model that works so well as to put its profits through the stratosphere. Be that as it may, one late breaking drama that might cause lots of Twitter shareholders lots of sleepless nights is the very real possibility that a large chunk of its publicized 230 million active monthly users are not only fake but also fake for a very serious reason-SEO manipulation. If this is true, it might cause serious consequences not just for Twitter but also for any up and coming social networking or social media site with seeming millions of users. The fallout might be far-reaching and very very disturbing.

How to use Twitter for SEO value

Since search engines now factor in social mentions on facebook, twitter, and other social network sites to determine trust (which helps influence search engine rankings for queries), SEO specialists create accounts that tweet, retweet, and collaborate among influential accounts (both real and fake) to drive social mentions of certain keywords and urls. This is fairly easy to do. Get outsourced fake accounts made through a micro-outsourcing site, feed these into software that manage them, and schedule your messages. Use another software to measure your results.

Twitter valuation and fake accounts

Since Twitter’s value depends on its monthly active users, the fact that there is a massive incentive for people to create tons of fake accounts to tweak SEO numbers should make people nervous about the security of Twitter. Spammers have all the incentive in the world to fill Twitter with fake accounts. The problem with fake accounts is that there is actually only one or a few computers behind them. Millions of accounts don’t need millions of people but only a relatively handful. Obviously, fake accounts don’t have credit cards and don’t buy online. Ouch.

The source of the problem?

The problem with this scenario is that twitter might be partly to blame since it allows multiple accounts per IP or Mac address. To make things worse, Twitter doesn’t use any account verification system to ensure accounts are ‘official.’ Facebook has a tighter system.

Stock valuations are all about perceived value. If there are any developments that erode trust and perceptions of trust, stocks can suffer falls they might have a tough time recovering from. As Twitter continues to struggle turning a profit, it needs to quickly figure a way out of the fake account drama so it can start lining up all its ducks right and generating solid value for shareholders. There isn’t much time left.

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