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Google Glass: Beyond the Hype and Promise

We’ve been talking on these pages about how powerful iPhones and the whole mobile revolution has been. It’s amazing that it’s only been six short years since the first iPhone debuted and now billions of people have smartphones and we live in an increasingly wireless world where data is collected from the real world and fed to the Internet. In turn, the apps based on the Net return the data and allows us to make informed decisions or otherwise act on our real world in different ways. In short, the mobile revolution has changed how we interact with reality. This new reality has also spawned tons of companies and made many millionaires. Well, the party is not over. In fact, it might get kicked into hyperdrive with the upcoming popularization of wearable wireless devices like Google Glass and similar devices.

You might be rolling your eyes with the write up above. You might even be looking extra hard at your screen for evidence of paper Kool Aid cups. Sure, we’re excited about the upcoming technology tsunami wearable wireless brings but this isn’t exactly rocket science. It is fairly obvious because the patterns are the same as previous technology changes. The implications are wide. The applications are deep. How deep? Well, in addition to being able to interact with the Internet and non-connected devices, these devices can help you do much more. For example, Google is collaborating with VSP Global-a lens design company to incorporate prescription lenses into the Google Glass-this opens the way for vision correction technology and live inputs. Other devices use contact lenses that have an LCD display built in. Moreover, these might lead the way to changing prescription grade based on the user’s inputs. Paired with hand motion technology and miniaturiazation, it is not that surprising to possibly see wearable wireless technology being accessed with a few motions. Far from being an annoying display of ‘look how techie I am,’ the wearable wireless of the future (as short as a couple of years) might be quite unobtrusive and all-pervasive. Remember: once the genie is out of the bottle, you can’t stuff it back in. Get ready for a wild, fun, and occasionally scary, ride up ahead.