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Early reviewer impressions favor the PS4 over the Xbox One

Okay, so Xbox One stumbled out of the gate with the whole DRM brouhaha. Now that the DRM drama is over and Sony has stepped into the ring with the PS4, all eyes are now on what the critics think about the latest generation of console boxes. So far, based on a reading of influential blogs and online talking heads, it looks like, at least at this stage of these consoles’ life cycles, Playstation 4 is looking like the more compelling buy. This is good news that Sony can definitely use more of. Sony’s been going through some tough times lately and can definitely welcome this news.

Why did the PS4 come out on top?

First of all, the lead PS4 has over the Xbox one isn’t a wide gulf. Don’t get the wrong impression. However, the small lead can make the difference in the minds of many console buyers who only have a budget for one box in their homes. The first positive feature many critics cite in why they put the PS4 on top is because of this console’s very small footprint. Since lugging around a console from room to room is a very real possibility if your home has teenagers or you live in a college dorm or frat house. The extra portability goes a long way. Also, Sony gets extra points for the small footprint due to the engineering involved in incorporating the console’s power supply into the unit.

Next, interface and usability. The PS4 is a multitasking box and upgrades the UI innovations of the PS3. While this is normally not anything to write home about, the fact that the Xbox One shipped with an overtly complicated UI drove many critics to appreciate the PS4′s more intuitive and friendly layout. The final consideration many online critics factored into their overall scores are the launch titles for the consoles. On this count, Xbox One won hands down. It just has more games for both casual and harcore gamers combined while the PS4′s starting games seem to cater mostly to casual gamers.

All told, the ratings may change over time. If you are a console gamer, you would know that people’s perceptions of console hardware change with time as more and more games hit the market.

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