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Amazon rumored to be developing Kindle Paperwhite

It is too easy to think of the tablet space as a duopoly-the battle between Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. And just like with Android’s victory in the smartphone front, things aren’t looking good for Apple in the tablet wars. Android is free and this frees up many hardware makers to turn the battle for tablet market dominance into a race to the bottom. As a result, Apple is showing major slippage in its market dominance. Be that as it may, the tablet space also has a third major player-Amazon. Amazon turned lots of heads with the release of the Kindle. Many observers thought the Kindle was going to be an experiment by the world’s leading ecommerce destination and was more of a pet project and wouldn’t go anywhere. Boy, where they wrong. Not only has Amazon fully backed Kindle, this tablet that could is showing some legs. In hindsight, this shouldn’t be all that surprising considering that Amazon has a huge sales presence online and has a large network of happy customers.

Considering how the iPad has stepped things up with Retina Display and other innovations, Amazon needs to get into the ballpark of tech changes to keep up. It is not a surprise, based on the foregoing, that Amazon is rumored to be developing a new ebook reader for a 2014 roll out. This new reader will come with a 300ppi screen. Dubbed Paperwhite, the new ereader will be similar to the Kindle HDX which was released last month. If this rumor pans out, this piece of hardware will put the Kindle Paperwhite at par with the rival Kobo Aura HD which has a 265ppi display. In additon to a better screen, the new unit will be lighter.