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Google Play Music now available on iPhones

The wildly popular music download and listening app, Google Play Music now has an iOS version. While it is not available on the iPad, iPhone users can now find out for themselves why Google Play Music is such a hit on Google Android. Now, they can upload up to 20,000 of their favorite songs and not pay a dime. They can also get on Google All Access and find music and download it on their desktop and port it to their iPhone. Say what? Yes, you can get tons of music at Google All Access but you can’t buy directly from Google Play Music since Google doesn’t want to split its commissions with Apple.

You have to be a little quick on your feet and download the music you want on your desktop and upload it to your iPhone. If this sounds clunky and inconvenient, it is. Wouldn’t it be much easier to just buy music straight from the app? Sadly, that’s the way the Google Play Music app is set up and this is the app’s biggest liability. Still, the fact that it has awesome music discovery capabilities does make the inconvenience and hassle worth putting up with. Look on the bright side, you are using this awesome formerly Android-only app on your iPhone. Considering how fast Android is gobbling up the smartphone market, there might soon be a crash of new apps for the iOS platform. Sounds scary? Well, given the rate of Android’s market growth, this doomsday scenario for iOS apps might turn on the question of when rather than if. Of course, all this assumes that Apple can’t claw its way back somehow.