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Google Glass Sunshade brings undercover mystique to wearable wireless

It isn’t really surprising that shortly after Google Glass’ commercial rollout was announced, some strip club announced that it would ban the wearable wireless device from its premises. Sure, this was a brazen attempt at hogging some expensive press attention. But the fact that it worked does show that there are serious privacy concerns connected with wearable wireless devices. Most people would feel ill at ease if they are at a private and discreet spot with someone wearing Google Glass. You just don’t know what is being recorded or, worse, being streamed somewhere. At the very least, you would feel part of your interaction is being filtered through the Internet. At worst, you would feel exploited. Something that was supposed to be intimate was reduced to recorded online media content. While all these potential issues surrounded the initial Google Glass announcement, it has died down-until word came out that someone came up with the Google Glass 3D Printed Sunshade.

The Google Glass 3D Printed Sunshade might look like a regular pair of sunglasses but it packs Google Glass inside. What’s the big deal? While a lot of the drama behind Google Glass died down because its backers where saying that people who are being recorded or are having their interactions ‘processed’ with Google Glass can tell if the wearable wireless device was in use, the Sunshade hides the mechanisms for determining usage. That’s right-instead of the person in front of the Google Glass shades seeing an indicator light, the Sunshade is designed to effectively hide the light. As a result, you can record and process away scot free. Cue the drama. The man behind this altered device, Chris Barett is no stranger to controversy. He is the PR man who recorded an arrest using Google Glass. Expect the privacy demons hounding not just Google Glass but all wearable wireless devices to persist for a long time to come as Sunshade and its probable commercial copycats enter the market and cause havoc.