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Solar Panel-embedded sunglasses can power up your Smartphone

If you have ever had the urge to throw your smartphone onto the ground and stomp on it with all the pent up rage you’d exert at a Lady Gaga CD, chances are the cause of the drama can be tied to one usual suspect: low battery life. If this your burden and personal frustration, join the club. Millions the world over are annoyed at why smartphone companies would pack so much technological wizardry into a phone only to have the juice run out when you least want it to. What’s the point of watching a DVD movie on your phone as you switch to texting friends and doing many other things when the lights to this productivity party can be switched off at any time by an anemic battery? Sure, you can carry around a fully charged backup battery but who wants the hassle? If you see yourself in this situation and have been looking for a better way to keep your smartphone humming, you might want to look into getting solar panel-embedded shades. That’s right-these are stylish sunglasses with solar panels on the side. You can be soaking up enough solar energy to later recharge your smartphone’s battery.

I wear my sunglasses at night

While this gadget might seem nifty on paper, it might not really be all that practical. Indeed, Roy Orbison or Trent Reznor aside, who wears sunglasses all the time? Also, not everyone lives in a region where there’s lots of sun. A large part of the world lives in the tropics where it tends to be hot, humid, raining, and overcast for a large part of the year. Still, these glasses designed using Rayban Sharma glasses might be on the right track. Created by design student Sayalee Kaluskar, these glasses, if anything, represent an endless pursuit of a solution to the low battery charge problem every smartphone user is sadly familiar with. These glasses are not for sale since it is a student project at Miami Ad School-San Francisco but we wouldn’t be surprised if an enterprising Chinese company starts cranking these out.