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iBeacons make your Apple store shopping experience, well, more interesting

One of the most effective ad campaigns in history heralded the launch of the Apple Mac computer in 1984. If you have access to Youtube, you have probably seen this iconic ad. You can’t miss it. It starts off with mechanical sounds as lifeless gray drones march into a room as an omenous image shows up on a large overhead screen droning on and on. A bit off, a woman with a sledge hammer rushes up to the screen and the ensuing pressure suction blows the minds of the viewers. Classic Apple. Classic Steve Jobs. Not bad for a product that, according to non-Apple fan boys, ripped on Xerox technology. Be that as it may, Apple’s big appeal has always been that it is all about the individual and freedom. There’s a hint of rebellion and go-it-your-own-way vibe to Apple. Sadly, that’s all a crock now. Thanks to the iBeacon.

The iBeacon system was built into the latest iPhone. What is this system? It helps beam custom messages to you when you are in certain locations. If you enter an Apple store, your iBeacon will be activated and you can get custom messages about certain Apple products as you get close to them. Call it product assistance. Call it beaming customers information so they can make informed choices. Call it whatever you want but it will still creep people out because Apple is tracking you. Talk about a far cry from the famous ’1984′ video. Still, I don’t see the Apple faithful letting out a collective soul rending cry about this. After all, we are living in the Facebook/Google Age where privacy is an afterthought. Such an afterthought that the recent NSA snooping scandals haven’t caused riots to break out in the streets-both in the real world and on digital streets. Oh well. Welcome to a better shopping experience-courtesy of the iBeacon.

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